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    Hello all! My name is SIN, and I'm an avid modder. I mod Xbox 360, ps3, IOS, and Android. I own a jailbroken ps3, and a Rgh Xbox 360. Both consoles are online whenever I feel like using them.

    As for modding on mobile, I'm pretty good at finding workarounds and mods on ios, but only being an android user for a month or so I often find that a lot of tricks that used to work for IOS, no longer work for android.

    One tip I'll give to modders on mobile, is remember two things, New apps are always the easiest, and if there's 15 different ways to get money, they only need to change once before you get the money to work, even server based games have loop holes in their server checks that can often make a quick money mod possible. So don't fret if there isn't a hack out there for your favorite app, there's always a way, so just keep on modding people.
    You can do it!
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