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    Greetings to all the ElementEvil users! This is my first forum post on this wonderful site. My username is BobDouglas33, but you can call me Shadow. For a long while, I have been searching through websites that has any hack or mod through any of my favorite games, such as Summoners War, Brave Frontier, Clash of Clans, etc. Suddenly, I found this website. FINALLY, an active website! A website that does not have any surveys, and do have active members and staff. Finally found a website that has a lot of mods that useful and convenient to the players! So thank you, ElementEvil. Thank you for doing your best, and trying you hardest to release hacks and tips for us. We greatly appreciate them. Anyways, back on my introduction. There's nothing much to know about me actually. I'm a pretty good coder, gamer, and a sportster(idk what this word, i just tried to make a word that rhymes). I'm mastering some programming languages, but I'm pretty proficient coding Html websites, Mysql, CSS, Java, and Javascripting(pretty much part of HTML). I am fifteen years of age! Helpful, and Cool(I think i'm cool, i'm not sure.. lemme ask my mom about that).

    In conclusion(Sorry if this took too long),
    This is my introduction, and if you need help or any assistance with anything. just pm or inbox me with anything, i'll try to become assistful(is this a word) as possible!
    Thank you for reading
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