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    I knew you would click me and expose me for what I truly am.....I am an introduction post for those who don't know me by now. I exist to let others know that I exist and by greeting the world with "who am I"s simply to flatter myself when you tell me I'm the beginning of ever forum members life in a forum community. Post after post the admins read me. They're watching me & my offspring every minute, every hour, every As to not give too much information as the ever so sneaky Admins are watch....and listening out for my every thought....I shall now end myself in an attempt to be slick. I bid thee good morrow fair pervert as I won't be the last post you violate with your pointer thus maximizing and exposing a posts private contents....I feel violated.....The End

    PM me for more information on how I survived this deathly encounter.....
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