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    Hi just a little rant.. Games like lets get rich, brave trials, Heroes charge, Dot Arena and major android games that are high on the top rating/top grossing games list are highly protected games. Only really good hackers/modders will be able to take on that challenge. Until one of these guys come along, all we r gonna get are modded games that hardly anyone are playing that just requires simple value editing tools and just forums after forums reposting the same modded apks to and fro each other... whats new? I keep seeing all these mods and no I know they are appreciated by some guys but really? Very occasionally something like The Brave Frontier - The complete project comes along and all hell breaks lose, Hundreds or even thousands of people, now thats something.

    Not sure if this question is allowed or not but is there actually a website or place where people who are able to pay be able to request for a mod/hack for a certain game? Kinda tired of just waiting for the mod/hack when no one is really capable of doing it, and people who are probably capable of doing it are not incentivized to actually do it imo. Am I alone on this? What do you guys think?

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