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Thread: What can Aimbots can do for you or conversely

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    An Aimbot is an external application which the alleged players and cheaters will be there to help to target opponents immediately, so you always meet virtually.


    Many players are n00bs and therefore can not play properly. So they do not still lose constantly, they just use aimbots, as they can quickly and precisely targeted, as it could be a man. Other gamers, however, usually 1337 haxx0rz pros are playing so fat that they can barely move the mouse because of lack of movement in real-life and many WOW. To be fair then referenced here that this therefore should not be underestimated a strenuous work and. Anyway, use this player aimbots, so that they no longer have to move the mouse and thus save important forces.


    There are several ways to program Aimbots.

    -Color Aimbot, the most popular bot, for even beginners can already build something. It is very easy to create a program, because you have only train a script then to look for certain colors, find and destroy. Will therefore seek-and-Destroy Bot called.
    -Reverse engineering Aimbot. This fellow is more difficult to program, but it must dynamically divide the memory and the game decode valuable information to find and analyze. This is complicated, but very effective.
    -Chuck Norris. Effectiveness is not here in this surpassable. So far, the only bot that can reach the theoretical maximum limit of gambling. Only downside: Only Chuck Norris can use this bot!

    Moral problems

    When using aimbots inevitably raises the question: is it ever ethically compatible to use aimbots? Do not destroy it by the capabilities of other players who play for real? If you prefer not to do so and be honest? The only real truth and answer is: No!

    Mathematical Background

    There is an equation with which one can precisely determine the relationship between cheaters and honest Pros:
    [n (Cheater) * μ (Aimbot)] + 2 = Flame
    This means that the more cheaters are found on a server, and the higher the efficiency of the cheats, the more negative is the feedback from the pros, thereby causing a flame war in general.

    This selfish Idea to create a new Thread was grown up in Cooperative Impulse by dialing with dBevil.
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