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    What is/does root?

    Why do I need root?
    Root will be required to Admin on your device. Similar to Windows, similar to the "normal user" and "administrator". Thus, So you can rewrite, edit, or replace your entire system.
    +++Root is similiar like anything else you do in your life. Like to Change Caraudio System, if do, your warranty (from manufacturers side) will be blown in the Wind.+++

    Some advantages:
    Full control over the Android operating system.
    Installed apps can be moved to the SD card, which relieves the internal memory of the Android device System files can be modified - so preinstalled files can be changed, such as. themes
    Core applications such as calendar, contact management, clock, ....bootloader and much, much more ... .Use of apps that require root privileges
    Some useful apps require mandatory root access to the Android operating system and can be used only when the device has been rooted.
    z. B. to tethering, can Task Manager to end apps imperative to create programs for creating screenshots ... .backup of the complete system
    Backup files of the files on the SD card can thus created werden.Der cache for apps like the browser, Maps or Android Market, ... can be stored on the SD card, which also protects internal storage.
    A reboot of the entire system via a terminal app is possible with a simple command (see below <enter> reboot <enter>)
    Full access rights to files in the device

    your device may be damaged for which I and the editor of the links mentioned here or anywhere else will assume no liability. EVERYTHING AT YOUR OWN RISK!
    However, I can assure you that so far there is no known case in which a device that was geflash according to these instructions, is broken.
    Your warranty. Currently it is not possible to determine the original state restores. That will surely come soon ...

    Steps to use Google the right Way:
    1st: Whats your Device Name? ........ Example: Samsung Galaxy S4 or whatever.
    2nd: What you want to do with it? .......... Example: Root.
    3rd: Open Google
    4th: Now type in what you want, looks like this: Samsung Galaxy S4 root

    and if you want to be linked with a Webpage which have the safest and most Experience with Rooting, type in at its End: XDA

    So the Searchbar at Google have to look like: "Samsung Galaxy S4 Root XDA" Here an Example:

    ATTENTION: Always read all the Steps you have to do for your ROOT CAREFULLY ! ! !


    As next I recommend you to take one the following "Recovery Management Tools" & how to get it installed after your Device is rooted, if one of both isnt installed right now (because there are many Ways to root):

    1st: Download from Play Store "Flashify" and install it.
    2nd: Run Flashify and choose "Recovery Image" you can choose which one you want, I recommend:
    3rd: Download TWRP (choose the latest Version..
    4th: Choose "USE ZIP"
    5th: Recovery: "TWRP or PHILZ" ...... DONT ACTIVATE ANY OF THE FOLLOWING POINTS (Wipe Cache, Dalvik, Data)
    6th: After install it, it should reboot once to "Recovery Monitor"...choose "reboot (phone)"

    After you root your Device can install Custrom Roms/Firmware.

    Whats "Custom Roms/Firmware" are?
    "A custom firmware is an aftermarket distribution of the Android operating system. They are based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), hence most are open-sourced releases, unlike proprietary modifications by device manufacturers."

    There are many Roms out.
    So you have only to use the same "Google" way like for searching the right Root for your Device.

    Example: "Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom Rom (Xda)".

    ATTENTION: Dont forget following Steps ALWAYS to follow!!!:

    Download the latest nightly (see link below)
    You need a Recovery (CWM, PhilZ ect.)
    Make a Nandroid backup of your ROMS !!!!! (ESSENTIAL!)
    Wipe data & cache partitions (PhilZ provides for a Fullwipe-way, I use the)
    Flashe CyanogenMod
    Optional: Install the Google Apps - Short GAPPS (Google Apps without any play-Store)
    DO NOT use the internal CM-update tool!

    Custom Rom "Cyanogenmod" Link:
    Gapps (Google Apps), search which you need:

    Download all the ZIP Files (remember the Filename) you need to your MAIN Folder on Internal Storage (maybe SDCARD) (its more easy to find it there).
    Now restart your rooted Device into Revocery Mode.
    Choose Wipe: Dalvik, Data & Cache.
    After wipe.....
    Choose Install and go to the END down to the Folder of your Internal Storage..there should be the downloaded ROM and click it, accept it, now it installs.
    After Success choose Install, go to the End down the Folder and install downloaded "Gapps".
    After Success..reboot your Device and have Fun.

    Here are the latest ~nightly~ "CyanogenMod" Roms. If you put your Cursor over "Devices", you will see for which Device the CM is.

    Flash by using TWRP Video:

    At the END, most of all your QUESTIONS (each of with an EXAMPLE at its END):
    What the Hell is Hacking?
    What is Modding?
    What is a Glitch?
    What is a Bug?
    How I can find something at this Forum (Example "Brave Frontier")?
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    Very informative post sir.
    Spread the Word!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterJ View Post
    Very informative post sir.
    Because...many People asked the same/similiar Problem...I hope they will see, read and do their steps carefully, maybe it helps. (Thx)
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