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    Im New and Im Noob but i like to support u guys ^^
    I read all the sticky TUT but seem like i give up on find out HOW TO RUNNING AUTOHACK ON ANDROID ;P
    - i already install it on PC, include NET4 and Java, running autohack, but stuck there (dont want to use Bluestack)
    - so if i want to using Android it self (rooted - to using with SBHack), can u show me a step-step TUT, or show me the link to download all the needed like Java, NET... On Android?
    Cos i looking in Play store the are alot, but (seem) unhelpfull programe
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    On android side, you just need to copy the modded APK to your device (SD card, USB or wifi) and install it with the root explorer app.
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