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    I have been on ElementEvil for quite awhile and sometimes being unable to view certain links of MODS and HACKS puzzles me. Yes, i understand that certain links regarding MODS or HACKS be it by whoever requires either VIP subscription to the creator or post counts etc. I would like to enquire as well as suggest in this thread.
    Suggestion: For every thread, i hope the MODERATORS, ADMIN or CREATORS when addressing a certain issue, opening a new thread or informing/updating about a certain MOD or HACK state if there is any requirement of viewing links.
    For example, MASTERJ opens a new thread about brave frontier mod 1.2.0 <EG>


    Now, when anyone clicks on the link, some of them may experience the issue of receiving a message stating [<USERNAME> do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of the several reasons. etc etc.]
    I hope that the the creators of any future thread is able to state beside the link if there is any requirement in order to view the link with all granted permissions.
    I seek your kind understanding and hope that no one takes this post as an act of my frustration/anger/displeasure.
    I only hope to improve the standards and seek out a greater community for all ElementEvil users.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I'll remember to state the requirements when I open new threads in the future.
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