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Thread: League of Lords , Online Action Card Battle Game for mobile

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    League of Lords , Online Action Card Battle Game for mobile
    Online Action Card Battle Game with challenge missions, skillful PvP mode and fantastic equipment system!

    + 5 Elements:
    Find your elements among Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth, Water! Each will have its own opposite elements! Beware, your enemies will prepare their best to against you!

    + Stunning 3D Dynamic battle:
    Fight with different challenging mode or with people from over the world in real time 3D battle with stunning effects, where your skill and strategy will define your real talent!

    + Skillful PvP mode:
    There is no auto play in the arena, only the most skillful hand and genius mind will conquer the world!

    + Fantastic equipment
    Four grade of equipment with various option may bring hundreds of different tactic for your Heroes! Letís the hunt begin for the goddess weapon in history!

    + Unique gameplay
    There is no peace in a chaos world! Conquer other people to make them become your Slave and enjoy the war wealth! Be on guard! Reckless Master can become shameful Slave after a battle!
    Home Page:
    fanpage :

    We are looking for publisher for your local market.
    Contact: [email protected]

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