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Thread: [How To] Not Get BANNED (GL & JP)

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    So here is the OFFICIAL guidelines of how NOT to get banned while playing FFBE! Well bans in this game seem to be VERY rare, we'd still like to avoid it as much as possible. So just follow these simple guidelines and we all should be fine.

    NOTE: There have been ZERO bans using our VIP mods, JP Free Mod, or any of our services.

    Arena Rules:
    Spoiler Alert!
    1. Arena Helper is totally safe, it only makes you go 1st so there is no threat here.
    2. Godmode is not recommended, neither are Stat modifiers.
    3. Resistance and Immunity mods are fine.
    4. Speed Hack is fine.
    5. Always Limit Burst & Always Esper seem safe, but do not abuse it.
    6. MP mods seem to be safe.

    Raid Events:
    Spoiler Alert!
    1. Don't use Monster HP mods
    2. Set other Monster Stats to 1 for easier battles
    3. Setting Player Stats to 850 should work, 10k will do huge damage to Raid Bosses and score the max points (Not HP)
    4. Damage mods are fine here
    5. MP, LB, and Esper mods are safe for use
    6. Do NOT use Auto Win or Semi-Auto Win

    Everywhere else:
    Spoiler Alert!
    1. Don't equip unreleased stuff
    2. Don't equip multiple rare TMRs to your Leaders
    3. Don't use Lapis Injection or Lapis Resellers, these are illegal services and can get you banned without warning.
    4. Don't use leeched, stolen, or "shared" mods that look as if they may have VIP features (leeched / stolen mods cause bans and feature patches)
    5. Everything else seems to be safe in other sections of the game

    This will be updated with more guidelines, but I hope this start helps, feel free to ask any questions!
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  3. [How To] Not Get BANNED (GL & JP)
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    great list, got clarification to serveral questions i had in mind ^^
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