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Thread: Samsung Galsxy S5 and many more Samsung roots

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  1. #1 Samsung Galsxy S5 and many more Samsung roots 
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    Turn on USB Debugging Mode
    Go to your Settings, About Phone/Tablet, tab 7 Times at the "Build Number", after this you unlock the "Developer Options".
    Open this Options and search "Usb Debug/ging" and set it on.

    Now we gonna do a Root

    6. You need to download
    5.1 If you want to root another Samsung Galaxy, go this Site and search the CF Root you need
    7. Download and Install the DRIVER for your Windows
    8. Download Odin
    9. Unzip the files (CF Auto Root KLTE-kltexx-smg900f.tar.md5, Odin3-v3.07.exe, Odin3.ini, tmax.dll, zlib.dll) to a directory of your choice
    10. Starts now on PC Odin3 and adds the "PDA or AP (For Odin 3.10)" the file to CF Auto Root KLTE-kltexx-smg900f.tar.md5
    11. Attention please ODIN in no case "Repartition" hook
    12. Now you turns your Galaxy S5 complete OFF
    13. Now press the same key combination Power Button + Home Button + Volume Down
    14. The Warning screen you skips with volume up
    15. Now connects your Galaxy S5 via the USB cable to the PC
    16. Please wait until Odin, the first field is yellow and the bottom left of is"added"
    16.1 If this doesnt come have the wrong Driver installed.
    17. You see "OPTIONS", set ON at AUTO REBOOT and F. RESET TIME.
    18. You see the BUTTON "PDA" - Set this Button ON and then click it, now open the CF Root.tar File.
    19. Press START, wait until its done.
    20. If your phone doesnt reboot alone, reboot it, after success.

    Here is one Video Tutorial:

    What happens after you rooted?
    Now are you a lil Admin of your "OWN" Mobile Device - YEAH!

    And I recommend; NOBODY NEEDS ANY CUSTOM ROMS!!! The only Thing everybody should use -> ROOT!
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