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Thread: Pockie Hereos, mod HELP please

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    Hi anyone,

    I have been trying to mod, Pockie Heroes, if you dont mid taking a look here at my post:
    Yes, "Pockie Heroes" is spelled correctly.
    It says "Help" with other games, so Im asking for your help, if you know please.

    I have decompiled and extracted the PockieHeroes.apk and it also has an .obb file with it.
    I used dex2jar to decompile the classes.dex file,
    Can you please tell me where in the files I should be looking to mod, "Gold", "attack", "Energy", "Speed"...PLEASE!!..

    Now, for the lib files, there are 3 folders each with 3 lib files as such from the "lib" folder:
    armeabi : 1,082 KB 1,476KB 5,263 KB
    armeabi-v7a: 1,006 KB 1,444 KB 5,111 KB
    x86: 1,296 KB 2,612 KB 8,820 KB

    The lb file with the most amount of KB is usually the file that has all the useful information, however, there is not just one file there are a bunch.
    I have opened them in IDA but most of the functions are sub_xxx and do not have names to them...and the functions that have names are ZN1cocos2dx....Audio....

    Whenever I cant seem to find any useful info inside the lib files, I usually open the assembly file, but this game doesnt have has an obb file, as stated above.

    Can you pleae help, anyone.
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    Everything should be in

    Try searching for things like speed, spd, damage, dmg, attack, atk, health, life, hp, etc on the function window (left panel)

    and skim through the function list to see if you can find anything interesting.

    good luck.
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