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Thread: Help with Instalikes 5.0

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    Okay, so I downloaded this app named Instalikes, its an app where you like people's photos to get credits, and then you use the credits to buy likes. I have been using it for 4 days, and what I did was ofcourse hack the credits, and it successfully worked. But recently like a a few hours ago I posted a picture and used the instalikes app to get likes, and now nothing is happening, my ig account isn't banned, I don't know why I stopped getting likes. Like if you look at most of my pictures, obviously its weird that I don't get like around 1000 likes on my newest photos since that every other photo I have have like 1500+ likes. Is there a way maybe I can fully delete the app where it thinks I never used it or abused it at all so I can use it again, or some how I got banned and it wont just say, and I am confused, I was hoping you people would know what to do since I have been to many forums asking around and no one knows.
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