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Thread: [HOW TO] Login / Reroll multiple accounts on Brave Frontier GLOBAL (Jailbroken iOS)

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  1. #1 [HOW TO] Login / Reroll multiple accounts on Brave Frontier GLOBAL (Jailbroken iOS) 
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    Works as of ver 1.1.5


    Estimated Time: 20 minutes total

    Jailbroken iDevice
    Latest Brave Frontier Global App
    Facebook App

    IMPORTANT: You'll have to create and verify a new Facebook and link it to your current account before re-rolling a new one and repeat steps 1-7, until satisfied.

    Step 1: Make sure Brave Frontier is closed from your multitasking and open up iFile (download iFile from Cydia free in xSellize Repo)

    Step 2: Navigate to /Var/Keychains/ and locate file: "keychain-2.db"

    Step 3: Tap on "keychain-2.db" and tap on SQL on the top left corner

    Step 4: In the SQL statement search bar, type: <delete from genp where agrp = ''> ***without <>***

    Step 5: Hit search

    Step 6: Now go back and hit Done, respring your iDevice then open Brave Frontier

    Step 7: You should be welcomed with a Terms of Agreement, hit I Agree and select Login to Facebook

    VOILA! You hvae successfully re-rolled a new account. Repeat if necessary.

    In a Nutshell

    So basically, on iOS, Brave Frontier recognizes your iDevice through your Facebook App. If you have linked your Facebook to your Brave Frontier, it is permanent and is copied to your device, even if you log in to another Facebook through your Facebook App. However, the command you input bypasses this restriction. It removes your Facebook info from Brave Frontier's cache in your device so that you can use another Facebook account to login or create a new account. So in essence, you also have the capability of having multiple Brave Frontier Global logins on one device.
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