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Thread: The worst anime that you ever saw.

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    Hello everyone, 2 weeks ago i completed the anime called slam dunk and i want to make a review about this anime. At first, it was super hilarious i really replayed some episodes but there is one thing that spoiled it completely about me. The thing is that they should have made Rukawa as a protagonist instead of Sakuragi since Sakuragi looks like an idiot until the end even after becoming a great player while Rukawa is extremely selfish and he is not a protagonist like Sakuragi. I think that everything that spoiled the fun is that the viewers want to see Sakuragi becoming the ace player of Shohoku while they see Rukawa. For me when i finished watching it (101 episodes if i remember correctly) i tried to think if because it is old they should have changed Rukawa with Sakuragi making them protagonist and deutaragonist respectively. It is my first anime that i watched and the deuteragonist taking all the lights upon him rather than the protagonist. Here is my personal rate.

    Plot:7.5/10(there is a gap at the final episodes where it should show thet the team is going for the inter high and conquers it. To be honest it reminds me a little of Aoki Densetsu Shoot here)
    Intriguing:5/10(i'm a good guy so hopefully i put more lol. I think that it started to be interesting but after for me it deteriorated so much until the end usually in animes the protagonist starts as an amateur and becomes a very good/reliable for all the others but in this one he was the key of winning but it showed a lot of flaws meaning that they should have made him better)

    Summary: I don't blame it since it's old but i just felt strange after seeing it. I hope to look some better ones. Personally, i haven't seen tons of animes like other people but is the worst i have ever seen at the moment without a doubt.
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