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    Sniper, take your weapons! Let's fight the zombies back to hell! Survive or dead, you are the last hope!

    Get from Google Play:[

    Zombies are everywhere. Evolved zombies walk out from dark places, more people getting infected by zombie virus.ePeople died in fighting zombies war. You snipers are the last hope. Wait for what? Take your weapon and fight, hunt the zombies down!
    What shooting weapon we have got?e
    Shooting guns, MP series, sniper, revolver, crossbow, short gun, dagger, Nihontou, electric saw, machine gun, p90 series, and more. Which is your favorite? Short distance or medium , your choice.
    Props: bomb, bullets, silver bullets

    What Zombie enemies we are facing?e
    Normal zombies: man and woman turned zombies;e
    Powerful zombies: athletes turned, huge zombies, creepy zombies, fast zombies, etc
    Animal zombies: dogs, bat, birds, almost all creatures are infected.e
    Evolved zombies: evolved ones walk out of dark places. They want blood and brains. They are gathering , organized and attacking people.

    What strategies against the zombies?
    1) Search zombies and shoot: Tunnels, dark underground places.e
    We are facing zombies from four sides, it is too dark to see clear, but they are around us. No hesitate, shoot and fight or you will die and turn into zombies. Remember to shoot in the head, otherwise they are not that easy to kill.

    2) Fake targets attract zombies: Evolved zombies
    Evolved zombies gathering everywhere , even in light places, top roof, platform, station, streets, they are attacking people. You need to take a high sniper shooting point, and use fake targets to attract them and use bomb to blow them off.

    3) Kill the animal turned zombies first.e
    Those turned bloody animals are furious, can attack with more damage. Kill they first .

    4) Upgrade weapons and equipment
    It is too time consuming to load bullets. Upgrade weapon to load more bullets.
    Equip yourself with armor, props, gloves, and weapons. To deduce damage , avoid being infected by zombie virus.

    5) Choose right weapon for special zombies
    Some zombies have evolved, they can resist gunshot. Yes, a crossbow, silver bullets, heavy fire gun to blow their head off is the most efficient method.

    6) Endless mode : kill as more zombies as you can
    Take a point, and start to sniper the zombies. They will appear more and more, challenge and let us know how many you can kill in endless mode.
    Follow us:e
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