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    Memory Usage Plus v3.3
    Requirements: 1.5 and up
    Overview: UPDATED - All new UI updated with latest standards for Android.

    New in V3.0
    * All new UI with standard Action Bar
    * Add the threshold memory, the threshold of availMem at which android considers memory to be low and start killing background services and other non-extraneous processes.
    * Add a Low memory indicator. This is a system flag that is set if the system considers itself to currently be in a low memory situation
    Please leave any comments and suggestions and we will continue to improve the app.
    Application AND Widget
    Lists all your running apps with current memory used, peak memory used, and priority. You can touch a single application and kill it or you can choose 'quick kill' from the menu, this will kill all 400/500 priority applications EXCEPT for those you add to an ignore list. To add a process to the ignore list long press on a process in the list. The row will have a grey background on all ignored processes
    In the settings you can configure auto kill, when they screen turns off the app will kill all 400/500 priority applications EXCEPT for those you add to an ignore list. This is a great way to clean up games/apps that you were using and reclaim the memory for the next time you use your phone
    Widget - The widget displays the Total Memory, Active Memory, Inactive Memory and Free Memory. It has a refresh button on the widget to refresh the values. There is also a 'quick kill' button on the widget that allows you to clean all the apps out of memory in 400/500 priority and not ignored.
    This has the capability to be moved to the SD Card BUT the widget will not work if you have it on the SD Card.
    Tags: task killer, auto kill, auto killer, memory monitor, free memory, memory widget, memory free, memory boost, memory booster, memory manager
    What's New
    * Add timer auto kill option
    * Fix the layout of the ignore process screen
    * Do not show ignored apps in the process list by default. Added a setting you can check to show the ignored apps in the process list

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    More Info:
    Download Instructions:

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    thank you for sharing
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