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Thread: Best Android Racing Game?

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    Fancy cars+Endless run=Who can resist? Driving racing cars, beat rivals and aliens!

    Turbo Racing Fast Speed, free of charge & 3D car racing action game for kids, is released on Google Play during Halloween time. Kids, hold the engine and let's get ready to race! Halloween activity is on. Remember to pick pumpkins to exchange awesome and coolest car Boosts. Come and join turbo racing club and get ready to race! Time to beat your rivals! Tip: We have changed the mane Turbo Racing Kids Run to Turbo Racing Fast Speed!
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    1: Endless fun & Endless run
    Turbo Racing Fast Speed is a racing action game! It currently provides 8 different fancy and fantastic cars: Primary Go-Kart, Off-Road SUV, Roadster, Mini Tank, Hovercraft, Ferrari, Mini Plane, Invincible UFO respectively, which you can enjoy endless fun while you are racing. Each of them has its unique skills and all of them can invincible enough to break all the barriers. Besides, it is a run game because you use swipe up/down/left/right to control your car, like an endless run game. Remember to pick up the boosters on the race road, it will help you to pass levels and win the race. Still, many colorful boosters, Gold, stars, and funny monsters, candies, cars , and rivals you will meet while racing! Beat your rivals and win the game is your goal!

    2: Glamorous Roles & Helpful Pets
    This game currently offers 6 glamorous game roles for you to choose from. They are Jason, Lucy, Tom, Benson and Lily. You may choose any of them as you like. Apart from these captivating characters, this game gives players 6 adorable and helpful pets as their company. Each pets has its unique skills, which can help players complete mission as soon as possible. Players wonít feel lonely when racing in the endless fun racing action game. Tip: Log in with Facebook can unlock Lucy! Pretty cool?

    3: Challenging Levels & Competitive Tournament
    Itís hard to imagine a game without fierce competition right? Turbo Racing Fast Speed, without doubt, offers players different and challenging modes to choose. Before each game, you will see your level missions! To successfully complete each mission, players have to get three stars. The more stars you get , the more rewards you will get. Some levels are terribly challenging levels, you need to take over your rivals in limited time to win the game. It is very important to upgrade your cars, and improve pet skills. And besides,this game is also an online multiplayer mode, therefore you can invite your facebook friend to share this journey with you. World tournament provides plentiful rewards for players from around the world. Those who can rank top 10 will receive numerous time-limited rewards. Submit score to fight for rewards and share it on facebook page!

    4: Thrilling & Interesting Tower Defense Battle
    In addition to the most exciting Endless Mode, tower defense battle against alien invasion is definitely one of the most trilling and interesting part of this game. When players first try this game, they can see the game scenario is an outer space and many alien creatures are crowded into this space. In the tower defense war, players have to swipe shooting devices left/right to kill all these creatures. Killing these alien creature is an easy job, but attack giant BOSS is a little tough. He will throw all different candy monsters to stop your way. Game players have upgrade their weapons to get final victory for the world tournament!

    Turbo Racing Fast Speed is an free endless fun action run game for kids. Halloween activity is on. We offering a big sale. Also, the specially designed Chrismas version Turbo Racing Fast Speed is gonna come. Excited? If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know!
    Contact us: [email protected]
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